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The Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal split is finally seeing the light of day. The first song to premier (via Sterogum) is Ovlov’s “The Great Ohmu”. Pre-orders for the vinyl are up now at the Community Records Webstore. The tape version of this is in and ready to go, but orders for the split won’t be up until the vinyl is for officially ready for distribution. We will have some copies of the vinyl in our webstore as well. Cheers!

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Social Cancer / Seasick Records

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Back patches and shirts on the way courtesy of New Republic. Webstore to be updated soon.

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A monstrous collaboration of intense sound and desperation from Amulets and Churchdweller. These tapes will be available for purchase within the next month. For now, you are welcome to stream it over at the Social Cancer bandcamp page. 

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Mark Plasma’s EP Embrace Technology just shipped today so we should be seeing these tapes very soon. It will be up in our webstore as soon as we get them. For now enjoy the truly insane stylings of Mark Plasma on the Social Cancer bandcamp page.

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Here is my set from Saturday night at The North Door here in Austin. If you like it comment and share it! If you came out, thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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Hadals full set from the Social Cancer Locals Only Exhibition #2

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UPDATE 7/8/14

We have an updated list of new releases : 

SC007 - Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal 4-Way Split cassette
A very special collaborative effort by 4 very talented bands from Tallahassee, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Newtown Connecticut, and New Orleans, Louisiana respectively. Songs ranging from pummeling hardcore to nostalgic, introspective indie rock. This cassette will be limited to 200 copies and will be available on the upcoming Ex-Breathers tour, the upcoming Woozy tour, and the upcoming Gnarwhal/Pinecones tour. The webstore will be updated as soon as the tapes arrive. Vinyl copies of this split will be available through Community Records in the coming months.

SC008 - Mark Plasma - Embrace Technology cassette
The debut EP from Baltimore’s Mark Plasma containing six songs of distorted, dark synth rock. Disturbing, engrossing, and clandestine all at the same time, this is a release we’ve been excited about for a while.

SC009 - Amulets/Churchdweller - Split cassette 
60 minutes of desperate, intense noise/drone/electronic assault. Two very unique artists creating dark and tense soundscapes. You can preview their previous work here and here. Also, check out Amulets’ video accompaniment for their song “Symbols of Slow Defiance” here

An update on Street Shark tapes - the plant ran into some issues that have put production off schedule, but they should be here and ready for distribution by the end of this month. We apologize for the delay and will try and get these out asap.


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Offical video for amuletsmusic - Symbols of Slow Defiance from their upcoming split with Churchdweller 

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